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We accept Bitcoin, paypal and bank transfer

Users can create backups for VPSs and cloud instances from the portal. The First backup is free of charge.

We offer a 7 day moneyback gurantee. If you are not happy with our service within the first 7 days. Simply request a cancellation and we will refund you payment and cancel you account. No questions asked.

For VPS and Dedicated Servers we have a wide list that include CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and SUSE. For our Cloud instances, we only support CentOS at this stage.

We collect usage stats per second. Each hour we calculate how much usage was done for the last hour and that is added to your invoice, which is generated monthly. If at that stage we notice you will run out of credit in 24hr, we will send you an email alert. If your credit does run out, we keep your instances running until your invoice is generated at the end of the month. At that point you have 7 days to top up your account and settle any outstanding amount to avoid you instances being terminated.

We are working on this, but not at this stage. Sorry

You are only allowed 4 IP addresses per instance and there is a per hour fee for IPs

We are working on this, but not at this stage. Sorry


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